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Tibiao Trade and Commerce Industry

Major products shipped out of the town are palay, rice, copra, muscovado sugar, legumes, fruits & vegetables, livestock, fish & fish preparations and seaweeds. Manufacture items like native gifts, toys and housewares found their way in major cities of the country and abroad. Main goods entering the province are construction materials, dry goods, groceries, canned and bottled products, fertilizers and others. The capital baranggay of Poblacion is the center of business hub mushroom in the area with a sub-center located in San Francisco Sur. Potential growth areas include the baranggay of Santa Justa, Malabor, San Francisco Norte and San Francisco Sur. Investment opportunities with bright prospects in the province are the following:


  • Champorado sugar industry
  • Semi-precious stone processing
  • Coco oil mill
  • Livestock and poultry processing
  • Food Processing
  • Marine products processing
  • Ceramics
  • Furniture, handicraft, metalcraft
  • Fiber extraction/processing/weaving
  • Rice Milling
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