Reaching All Tibiaoanons Around The Globe

Tibiao's Finest Tourist Destination


Tibiao town were blessed with several rustic, unspoiled and panoramic beauty of its surroundings.

Bugtong Bato Falls is a seven tiered waterfalls located at Tuno, Tibao, Antique.

Tibiao River, ideal for white water kayaking, rises on the slopes of Mt. Madja-as the highest point in Panay Island and plunges with over 1,000 meters on its short run to the ocean. There is about 23 kms. of navigable water on the river but access to upper section is difficult.

The EBJ Rain Forest, located in Brgy. Tigbaboy has an area of 100 hectares with a thick variety of wild and known forest trees, named after the first evolved hero in Antique, Evelio B. Javier who sowed the first seed to open the nursery for the municipality in 1970s. Mahogany and Gmelina are most dominant.

The Hanging Bridge located at Brgy. Tigbaboy stretches up to 80 meters suspended across Tibiao River. Constructed in early 1980’s which served as finishing line to Kayaking-slalom competition and gateway to nearby barangays, since the area is half lined with steep river filled with wild specially during wet spill.


Paris Mountain Resort, the early ancestral settlements site headed by Datu Oguid of Borneo in the year 1786. In this place evolved a community where christianity, trade and commerce were first practiced.

In the Poblacion, the palm-fringed Villa Arsenia Beach is itself a scenery. Tiguis by the Beach is located at Brgy. La Paz, along the national highway. Both provide swimming enthusiasts with the exotic blend of big white rocks under the roof of thick “Lunok” tree.

The Coral Resort, approximately 5 hectares wide submerged landscape of colorful corals assorted variety of flora and fauna growing abundantly at its bed. This is ideal for snorkeling, whereby one can view the vastness of large sponges, starfishes, cucumber, urchins, colored barnacles clinging to protruding stones and drifted wood, tiger fish, perch, eels, lapu-lapu and octopus in assorted colors and sizes. Located at Poblacion Sur, this is 50 meters from the shoreline by wading. For beginners, bangkas are available for hire.

The promising Seco island, approximately 2 hours by motor boats is a virgin island with fine white sand beach ideal for swimming and surfing.

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