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Revisiting Antique a Century ago

Posted by home.tibiao on September 3, 2011 at 4:45 AM

By: Rex Omalde

How do we rate our knowledge of history as far as Panay island is concerned? I remember one of my classmates during our elementary days where we often forced him to sing the songs like purchase of panay, ining gorogueriya, and Magellan, all songs citing Philippine history. That time we dont know what the message of the songs all about for as long as we heard it  we are happy in the way our classmate render them in his unique accent.

The most notable among that songs which awakened my very soul being an Antiqueño as we advanced to a higher year of studies is the one titled Purchase of Panay. It was popularized by Pirot, a local Ilonggo novelty song writer and recording artist by which he rewritten and depicted the coming of the ten Bornean cheiftains (together with their wives, children and sakup) who sailed northeast from the island of Borneo to escape the cruelty of Sultan Makatunaw as the legend of Maragtas described.

These chieftains anchored at the mouth of Siwaragan river somewhere in the present day San Joaquin town in Iloilo in which they befriended with native's cheif Marikudo and nogotiated from him the purchased of lowland area which they called Aninipay in exchange of a certain golden sadok and a long necklace. Part of the negotiation is that lowland portions shall belong to the strangers and the uphill shall belong to the natives. After the negotiation, a feast was celebrated and the natives enjoyed with the strangers. After the celebration, the stranger further sailed north to the present day Malandog in Hamtic town and their they settled and formed a political unit in the leadership of the wisest cheif datu Sumakwel.

That happened in the 13th century and the rest was the unwritten past which resulted to the modern day Antiqueño people. What transpired after the 13th century was a complete gloom and arguably the most neglected chapter in the richness of Antique's history or probably the entire Panay island until the Spanish occupied the archipelago in the late 16th century up to the turn of 20th century that twisted our original culture into a complicated one which we enjoyed up to this day.

For a new generation like us, although we are taught in school about the Philippine history, we dont have a complete picture of how and what really our ancestor's culture is all about. We dont know their lifestyles, how they lived and how they enjoyed life as a whole. In as much as I want to visit how past Antique looks like based on the story of my grand2x father, I came up with old photos here dating back from 1890's to 1920's depicting the life of Antiqueño people. Please take a look at them. Photo credits by Old Philippines.

a road somewhere in Hamtic 1921

a girl weaving a patadyong

a photo of a farmer

a ricefield in Bugasong 1922

women smoking tobacco

mother pressing clothes manually

farmers plowing the field

native bolos called binangon

lusong used in pounding palay

a typical nipa hut

a filipina in native costume

cockfighting "pasampok"


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