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Posted by home.tibiao on May 22, 2011 at 2:51 AM

By: Jeffrey Hidalgo

Music/Lyrics: Vehnee Saturno, Tito Cayamanda

Intro: G-Em7-C-D-; (2x) 

G            Em7        C              D

Good friends tayo noong una 

G      Em7      C         D

Caring sa pagsasama 

Bb       Gm     Cm7       F    G

Knowing na may aasahan ka

Cm7                      F

Whenever you need me

G       Em7       C        D

Feeling ko ay kay ligaya

G          Em7         C            D

Engagement ay so kay sigla

Bb         Gm        Cm7       F      G

Together, basta't nasa piling kita

G          G/A,        G

Then we are lovers


Cm                   F                            Bb

Flames, we were two strangers then

Gm/Eb           Cm                      D

Puso'y nangusap at biglang umibig na

Gm                                    G7

We found that love was going stronger

Cm                    F                       Bb

Flames, wanted to be with you

Gm/Eb                   Cm                     D

At habangbuhay, sana ay tayong dalawa

Eb                            D                               G

Holding hands, we both could say "I do".

Interlude: G-Cm-F-G-D-

G          Em7         C           D

Sweetheart, tanging ikaw lamang

G      Em7     C     D

Never kitang iiwan

Bb      Gm    Cm7         F       G

Happy, ligaya'y walang hanggan

G/A,            G

As long as we're lovers

(Repeat Chorus except last line)

Gm                    G7

Holding hands, we both will say "I do"

(Repeat Chorus)

Coda: G-Cm-F-G-Cm-D-G

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