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DAIGON; Panay Island's Christmas Carol

Posted by home.tibiao on December 20, 2010 at 5:14 AM



  In Panay Island especially in a quiet Tibiao town, Daigon is popularly known as a form of christmas carol sang by a group of singers accompanied by accoustic string instruments. Folks from rural areas and even in urban areas are fond of this carol during the month of   december as christmas day is coming. Despite the presence of modern christmas carol songs from all over the world, daigon remains to be on top as a household song.  

photo of children singing daigon



Here is some of the lyrics sample of daigon:


Oh, senior tagbalay

lunsay nga dungganon

bisan pa mahamuok

inyong katulogon.

Pagmata kamu anay, kag inyo gawahun.

Mag asawang pobre

nga yari sa silong.

Ako ay si Josef,

nga taga galiliya.

Ang akon kaupod,

ang akun asawa.

Ang iya nga ngalan

amo si Maria.

Sa mga pag lakat,

kabudlay nga sobra.

Sa banwang Nazareth,

kmi ay gumikan,

Ang banwa sang betlehem,

amun ikadtuan.

Kami magtiayon,

nga may kalisdanan.

Sa amun pag lakat,

kami nagab-ihan.

...to be continued


     Group of singers performing daigon


      Daigon is a four-act dramatization of the birth of Jesus. The first act is the Anunciation, when the Archangel Gabriel appeared to the Virgin. The next act portrays Mary and Joseph searching for an inn where they can rest. Then, angels herald to the shepherds the birth of Christ. Finally, the last act shows the birth of Jesus.

This Visayan tableau is a long-cherished tradition. It is comparable to the Tagalog's Panunuluyan. The performance of the drama varies in different regions; Negros Island has the longest presentation, Capiz and Panay Island present the most detailed ones.

"Daigon" is also a term meaning Christmas carol. excerp from wikipilipinas

Some of percussion instruments used in daigon



Ano ang daygon?

What is a daygon?

Ang daygon ay mga Bisayang awit sa Pasko.

The daygon are Visayan songs at Christmas.

Daigon is not a word in the Tagalog language, but in the Visayan group of languages, spoken primarily in the central part of the Philippines, particularly in the provinces of Iloilo and Cebu.

The word daigion is used in the context of the Christmas season.

1. Daigon refers to the reenactment of the Christmas story, known in Tagalog as panunuluyan and similar to the Mexican tradition of posadas.

2. Daigon also refers to Christmas carols sung during the holiday season.

3. Daigon sometimes refers to the carolers who sing the daigon songs.

Money earned through the performance of daigon is usually used by the Visayans for charitable purposes.

The root word of daigon is daig, meaning 'to light' - possibly referring to the custom of lighting fires along the road for Christmas carolers. excerp from tagalog lang.


photo courtesy of  mediaphotobucket.com


By Ismael Fabicon

The daigon was a popular christmas carol routine done by the hermanas de maria, in Banton Island. It was done usually after midnight - from house to house! The carolers were elderly and their songs in Asi and Hiligaynon were long and tedious. In the early 70's, I started sending my Christmas greetings to my Asi friends and relatives in Asi prose and essay…and for some reason I stopped, until I got this new opportunity to share this unique greeting. So here is my first reminisce of the daigon in Banton…sorry no translation at this time.


Pasko Sa Banto-on Circa 1950:

"O tagbalay nga dungganon

kong sarang kami pasaka-on

kong indi kami pasaka-on

reli yang kami sa silong…"

- Hermanas de Maria

Roto sa Tampos ka ida bayay

Masapnot ka rayan, bagyas nadadamaan.

Mahapo ka tukaron: sada'y masipot, bikyang malip-ot,

Ipot ay kidapot!

Patukar guihapon kaling atonanon:

Sinra ay makanta, guikan sa taguipuso-on.

Iwag ay lampara, hudot ni Nang Moring.

Asus! Narapa! Umaringking!

Bakya ay lampitaw, maskada'y nawagtik

kanrilang bibtbit ay pumilipit!

Kali ray nak si nang Pepit,

Nasipa sa igot, rumugo kag pigsa

Narigwa ka mam-on, tumama sa pus-on.

Si Nang Balbe'y nasukyat, yuhaan ka nayusrok,

Indi makakita, napake'y natusok!

Rahagtoy sinra sa osang bayay

roto sa Tampos.

Tinaas ka inra sayway, dahil nak nag-uusos.

Ingkor sinra sa sanrig -pay buko mayamig.

katong iba'y yumpagui sa ban-og;

baktin sa rayag tikya-og

ngoy-ngoy pati ka mga kabog.

Ka hermanas de maria, ay nagkakanta

ka inra nabitas nopay baga patraka,

hanggang alas tres sa aga-aga.

Ka bulik ay tukto-rook,

humparos ka suyok-suyok.

Kag tawo it bayay, nagpahimuta anay

Tumawog sa haligi, damo't rahan-rahan

hinaphap ka papag, tiki'y rumayagan.

Sa kidamot nida, osang centimo ka raya,

pumilhig ag guing rawat katong rakong kuarta.

Bumilog ka mga mata, oras nak makita

umukaw kag mga hermanas de maria:

"Maadong Santos Paskua!"

Nagmihi kag mga kambing,

Omogmang kag baka,

Ngaw-ngaw kag oning,

Yumos tanan et kasadya! excerp from sanrokan.com

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