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PARAWAKAN BREED, now dominant in Tibiao

Posted by home.tibiao on September 25, 2010 at 4:38 AM

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Brief History:

      Asils also known as malays, belong to the oriental type of fowls,not many of us here in the Philippines know that we have our own version ofthe asil fowl here in our country,and it can be found in Palawan andthey are popularly called "Parawakan".This fowl originally came from Malaysia and were introduced here in our country by our merchant muslimbrothers,those found in Jolo are simply called "Jolo or Jolo ano fowl"and those fowls found in Palawan are known as "Parawakan" the latterare the most popular for they were one of those oriental breeds that the late Monching Mitra used to produce his own signature breed "Mitrafowls".In Palawan this fowls are both raised for fighting and poultry,they come in different colors,and weigh from 3 to 5 kilos they are'ntfar different from their ancestor,the Malaysian Asil.Parawakans are fought in local nakedheel fights called "Tampur" the bout wouldsometimes last up to 5 long hours the one that survives that longgruelling fight emerges the winner.According to local Palawenos theParawakans are accurate single sroke cutters they usually target theiropponent's head with precision.When crossed with the Texas fowl,theyare called "Paratex" Parawakan+Texas the ideal blood combination shouldbe reduced to 1/4 or 1/8 Parawakan strain.These fowls are easy to raise because they have good resistance to fowl disease,gentle to handle,and very affordable, they are sold in public markets per kilo at a very affordable price.

Introduction to Tibiao and the province of Antique:

  As the quiet town came known to many, flocks of merchants traveled to Tibiao and found the place ideal for business and tourism. Long before the introduction of parawakan breed, Tibiaoanons were fond of raising native fowls for poultry and cockfighting "bulang" as a form of gambling and recreation. Constant communication of our muslim brothers and Tibiao folks paved the way in the introduction of parawakan fowls.

  Today, parawakan breed or we simply called it "Jolo" is getting popularity in town and the entire province in terms of poultry raising and cockfighting.

more info at http://www.sabong.net.ph

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